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Lavallière Bay (St-Louis Marsh). Projet no 12-29 - Habitat Conservation, Restoration and Enhancement : Final Project Report

Harbour, P. et Michaud, A. (2012). Lavallière Bay (St-Louis Marsh). Projet no 12-29 - Habitat Conservation, Restoration and Enhancement : Final Project Report. [Documents régionaux]

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For the past few years, pressures, in part due to the agricultural activities practiced in the watershed, have gradually transformed Lavalier Bay and have contributed to the deterioration of habitats in the region and poorer water quality. Today, we estimate the area of water still available to wildlife is 61 hectares during the summer. In addition to this already low presence of habitat resources are the agricultural pressures that reduce the quality of nearly 80% of habitats still available in the bay. To provide solutions to the above issues, management for the Bay was updated in 2009 (Brodeur et al. 2009). The new management plan consists of seven recommendations, including that to diversify the types of wetlands by increasing the proportion of deep marshes and areas of water available for waterfowl. The general objective is to diversify the wetlands found in the area by constructing a marsh measuring 117 hectares. To respond to these recommendations and ensure the long-term sustainability of these habitats, the development of a swamp dammed in the upstream portion of the St. Louis River (St. Louis marsh) for both the protection and maintenance of adjacent wet grasslands is being considered as a top priority. Located in the major bypass tributaries of Lavalier Bay, this project will be segregated from the main sources of the sediments and nutrients from the agricultural surroundings. It will allow the prolonged flooding of this area to a side higher than that which is maintained in the rest of Lavalier Bay. The level will therefore be managed independently of the remainder of the hydrographic system of the catchment area of the bay. The restoration of a 117-hectare swamp for waterfowl and fish is included in the priority activities pursued by the Joint Plan Habitat Venture (PCHE/EHJV) and is therefore directly linked with the conservation objectives of the NAWMP.

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