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Freshwater mussels as biomonitors for organic industrial contaminants and pesticides in the St. Lawrence River

Charlton, M. N. et Metcalfe, J. L. (1990). Freshwater mussels as biomonitors for organic industrial contaminants and pesticides in the St. Lawrence River. Science of the Total Environment , 97-98 (C). pp. 595-615. DOI: DOI: 10.1016/0048-9697(90)90264-U.

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Native mussels (Elliptio complanata and Lampsilis radiata radiata) were collected from 17 stations in the St. Lawrence River between Lake Ontario and Trois-Rivieres and from three stations in a major tributary, the Ottawa River, in October, 1985. Mussels were solvent-extracted and analyzed individually by dual capillary column gas chromatography for seven organochlorine pesticides, 11 chlorobenzenes, octachlorostyrene and 63 PCB congeners. Bioconcentration patterns for contaminants in mussel tissues implicated Lake Ontario as the source of Mirex and DDT derivatives to the system and the Grass River as the major source of PCBs. Numbers of PCB congeners in mussels increased from 21-27 in the upper river to 56-59 in the Cornwall/Massena industrial core, mainly due to the appearance of di-, tri-, and tetrachlorobiphenyls; an average of 43 congeners persisted as far downstream as Lac Saint-Pierre. Concentrations of most contaminants in mussels from the Ottawa River were 50-75% lower than the lowest values reported for the St. Lawrence River. This study provides information on the origin, bioavailability and persistence of organic contaminants in the St. Lawrence ecosystem.

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