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Ice management of Lac Saint-Pierre

Danys, J. V. (1977). Ice management of Lac Saint-Pierre. [Conférence et compte rendu]

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This shallow lake with a narrow outlet is a barrier for a free movement of ice downstream from Montreal. It has caused ice jams and flooding of many areas between Lac St. Pierre and Montreal, including its own low areas. Ice cover forms fast over the lake and navigation to and from Montreal was sometimes closed for five months. In the past, remedial measures to facilitate ice movement included the use of icebreakers, ice booms, artificial islands and piers. Continuous observations and recording of ice movement, collection of data required for the estimating of ice forces on the structures, such as ice thicknesses, properties of ice, actual measurements in field of ice forces have been carried out. Today, ice management of Lac St. Pierre and of the St. Lawrence River has ensured that Montreal is free of flooding and navigation to Montreal is possible virtually all year. Refs.

Type de document: Conférence et compte rendu
Titre de l'événement: Natl Hydrotech Conf, 3rd, Proc, Quebec
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Titre de l'événement: Natl Hydrotech Conf, 3rd, Proc, Quebec
Mots-clés libres: Inland waterways, Waterway transportation, Ice, Lac St. Pierre St. Lawrence river
Sujets: 2. Milieu physique > 2.4. Hydrologie
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