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Evaluation of the role of submerged plant beds in the metal budget of a fluvial lake

St-Cyr, L. et Campbell, G.C.P. et Guertin, K. (1994). Evaluation of the role of submerged plant beds in the metal budget of a fluvial lake. Hydrobiologia , 291 (3). pp. 141-156.

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In a study of a large fluvial lake (Lake St. Pierre, St. Lawrence River system, Québec), we have determined the biomass of the submerged vegetation (dominated by Vallisneria americana and Potamogeton spp) during the peak seasonal biomass (August) and senescence (October), and have estimated the content of Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb and Zn in the above-ground portions of these plants. Multispectral remote sensing data (MEIS-II) were used to extrapolate from point measures of biomass (g m−2) to the entire area of the lake (Lavoie et al., 1991). By combining field information (biomass values and metal concentrations) with the more extensive remote sensing data base of biomass values, and by using geostatistical estimation techniques (kriging), we have estimated the seasonal storage of metals in Lake St. Pierre plants to be: 30 kg Cd, 89 kg Cr, 450 kg Cu, 280 kg Ni, 71 kg Pb and 2200 kg Zn. During the seasonal biomass peak, the quantities of Cd, Pb and Zn stored in the plants were higher than those dissolved in the water column, but much lower than those present in the surficial, recent sediments. Mass balance calculations for the summer months indicated that the ‘macrophyte’ compartment represented only a small proportion of the metals entering the lake: Cu and Ni, <1%; Cd and Zn, 2%; Pb, 4%. Senescence and the downstream drifting of plant material noted in October suggested that most of the metals associated with the above-ground parts of the submerged vegetation were not recycled within the lake, but instead were exported at the end of the summer.

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