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Pesticides measured in air and precipitation in the Yamaska Basin (Québec): Occurrence and concentrations in 2004

Aulagnier, F. et Poissant, L. et Brunet, D. et Beauvais, C. et Pilote, M. et Deblois, C. et Dassylva, N. (2008). Pesticides measured in air and precipitation in the Yamaska Basin (Québec): Occurrence and concentrations in 2004. Science of the total environment , 394 . pp. 338-348. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2008.01.042.

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Air and precipitation samples were collected and analyzed for 91 pesticides or metabolites from May to September 2004 at St. Damase, an agricultural site located in Yamaska basin in Québec, Canada. A broad range of pesticides was detected during this experiment where 40 different compounds were measured. Most of the samples showed more than 10 simultaneous pesticide detections and sometimes reaching 19 simultaneous detections. The most detected pesticides in air were trifluralin, metolachlor and captan, which were found in all the samples during the 5 months of measurements. For the detected compounds, the average concentrations ranged from 4 pg/m3 to 8 ng/m3. Some of the pesticides detected in air were found in precipitation samples as well showing that wet deposition can occur and have an impact on aquatic ecosystems. The most important pesticides detected were related to corn and soya cultivations, the two main cultures in this region highlighting that the major sources come from local applications. On the other hand, the detection of some pesticides in precipitation which were undetectable in air implies that some compounds may have a long range transport origin.

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