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Dynamics of mercury pollution on regional and global scales: Atmospheric processes and human exposures around the world

Pirrone, N. et Mahaffey, K. R. (2005). Dynamics of mercury pollution on regional and global scales: Atmospheric processes and human exposures around the world. [Livre – revue – journal]

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This book brings together authors with expertise in a wide range of fields to provide an up to the minute overview of the most important problems relating to mercury in the environment. The book reflects growing concern over the likelihood of harmful effects to human health and sensitive ecosystems posed by mercury in the light of increasing fossil fuel combustion, mercury use in a range of manufactured goods, and the lack of emission control policies. Concern has been expressed at local, national, and international levels; in the last three years both the European Commission and UNEP have published reports on mercury in the environment. Growing concern has led to an increased effort to understand the fate of mercury in the environment, including primary production and trade in mercury, emissions from manufacturing and power generation, natural emissions and re-emission, atmospheric transport and transformation, deposition patterns, uptake by biota, and eventual health impacts on living organisms. The increasing specialisation, and amount of research in the numerous scientific fields associated with the study of the fate of mercury in the environment, make the publication of this book both necessary and timely. For experts, and non-experts, who require both the broader picture, as well as an awareness of the latest progress in the fields relevant to mercury research, this book provides the most comprehensive and up to date overview available.

Type de document: Livre – revue – journal
Éditeur: Springer
Lieu de publication: United States of America
Statut du texte intégral: Public
Mots-clés libres: Mercury, Environmental aspects, Health aspects, Environmental policy
Sujets: 1. Laboratoire de développement durable > 1.5. Société, qualité de vie, santé, sécurité
8. Impacts et monitoring > 8.1. Qualité de l’eau
8. Impacts et monitoring > 8.2. Études de suivi
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Dernière modification: 09 nov. 2016 12:17
ISBN: ISBN-10:0-387-24494-8

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