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Fish Habitat Restoration Fund (FRHAP) Final Five-Year Assessment, 1994-1999

Environnement Canada (1999). Fish Habitat Restoration Fund (FRHAP) Final Five-Year Assessment, 1994-1999. [Publication gouvernementale]

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We are proud to be releasing this final assessment of the Fish Habitat Restoration Fund (FRHAP). Since it began in 1994, the Fund has implemented 20 of the 24 projects in the management plan, for which it has generated $5.4 million in investments, including contributions received from its partners over the course of its mandate ($1.7 million) and those guaranteed to date for the next two years. This final assessment reviews each of the projects in the initial management plan, the objectives achieved, what remains to be done and how the projects will be carried on after the FRHAP has been dissolved. It also contains the enlightening results from the ichthyological monitoring carried out at three restored sites over the past few years. The Bélanger ruling was a first in the legal world. It was the first time a large fine was used to protect and restore fish habitat. The judgment also led to the creation of new development techniques and solutions for fish in the St Lawrence River and its wetlands. Part of the plan’s success was due to the guarantee of funds made available at the beginning for use as needed as well as the latitude in the choice of projects. However, its success resulted mostly from the knowledge sharing that took place, the co-ordination that resulted and the catalyst effect the plan had on the many partners who supported the projects. We believe that work done under the projects should be pursued. For example, Lake St Pierre was recently granted Ramsar designation, new game sanctuaries have been created and the recreational and educational aspects of some projects have been enhanced. Local organizations will play a key role in managing and operating the facilities developed. We are grateful to the many stakeholders, proponents, owners, municipalities, managers and financial contributors who have been associated with the FRHAP over the past five years in carrying out this ambitious action plan to conserve fish and their habitat.

Type de document: Publication gouvernementale
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Éditeur: Environnement Canada
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Mots-clés libres: St. Lawrence river, Fish Habitat Restoration Fund (FRHAP), Rehabilitating fish habitats, Conservation
Sujets: 2. Milieu physique > 2.4. Hydrologie
4. Faune > 4.2. Poisson
5. Aménagements > 5.2. Conservation de l’habitat
6. Milieu humain > 6.4. Industrialisation
8. Impacts et monitoring > 8.1. Qualité de l’eau
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